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marina bay sands singapore
September 10, 2020 0 Comments

Talking about gambling, of course, many countries have established gambling places. One that Onlinecasinoss24 will discuss is the big gambling places in Singapore.

Singapore is a small country in Asia which has a very dense population. And in that small country, there is a famous entertainment place, Marina Bay Sands.

Indonesia is the country with the most population visiting gambling in Singapore. With luck and a little shrewdness, of course, you can get extra money.

From various backgrounds, from children to parents, are willing to spend tens to hundreds of money to try their luck. Even though many of them are aware that it is very difficult to get the victory.

Unlike tourists, casinos have their own charm to be a place of entertainment.

In Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is one of the biggest casinos among tourists. The casino has an area of 15 thousand square meters with 600 gaming tables and 1500 slot machines which are divided into four floors.

The first and second floors are for gambling players who like to smoke and the third and fourth floors are for non-smoking players.

the atmosphere is magnificent and luxurious in gold nuances make the places they visit can get luck and wealth. Gold coloured theme layered with Swarovski crystals is one of the hallmarks of Marina Bay Sands. Entering this casino is quite easy because you only need a passport according to your identity and undergo an officer inspection. Anyone is allowed to play all night.

There is no entry fee for foreign passport holders. Meanwhile, local passport holders or permanent residents of Singapore are charged a fee of S $ 100 (IDR 950 thousand) and are only valid for 24 hours after entry. This rule was deliberately made by the Singapore government so that their citizens are not addicted to entertaining themselves through gambling.

After passing the inspection, you can feel the atmosphere of entertainment such as malls, hotels and parks.

The sound of slot machines and roulette in every corner of the room was heard loudly shouting. Various facial expressions were seen from the visitors who attended. There is a happy expression when you win a bet, some are sad and disappointed because you lose.

This casino room is filled with people of all ages. Maybe many think that visitors are dominated by young people. It’s just that, in fact, most of the visitors are adults or even seniors. At least, three out of five of them. These parents, in general, are retirees who no longer have anything to do. They can spend hours just playing on slot machines with bets of up to hundreds of dollars. In the name of entertainment.

Even though they are old and look experienced, this does not guarantee their expertise. Many also complain, moan, pat – whether on the forehead, on the table, or on the slot machine – for not getting the results they expected. Located not far from the casino entrance, this pool holds thousands of coins from various foreign currencies that the owner deliberately throws before playing. The reason was, again for the sake of luck.

If you want to try playing at a casino, don’t even think about cheating. Here, casino officers and waitresses often roam around. Likewise, thousands of surveillance cameras in every corner of the sky observe all kinds of movements.

It is better before playing at the casino, first determine how much money you want to spend. Never get complacent about winning at the beginning, feel sure you can multiply the money by adding a few games.